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Sur le Specter is the Official Magazine of the Montreal Autism Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group. The magazine aims to make the results of scientific research carried out within the group more accessible. It therefore includes popularized summaries of scientific articles, but also more general articles on important topics in the field of autism.

The magazine will be published twice a year. If you would like to receive an electronic copy of future issues subscribe to our mailing list.


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Numéro 13: Printemps / Spring 2022

  • How can autistic individuals learn optimally? - Irene Garcia-Molina - Estellane Ste-Jean, Anne-Marie Nader and Isabelle Soulières
  • Does the emotional expression of young autistic children differ from neurotypical children? - The importance of context! - Katarina Sotelo
  • Early childhood assessment: The importance of a multi-method and multi-perspective approach - Eve Picard
  • Restricted and repetitive behaviours in autism: How do they change? - Victoria Jean
  • Childhood diagnoses of people diagnosed with autism - Eya-Mist Rødgaard and Laurent Mottron
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No 12 : Automne / Fall 2021

  • Autism and language: delay, regression, catch-up, what does sciense say? - David Gagnon
  • The female phenotype: what do expert clinicians think? - Julie Cumin
  • For a radical change in autism research: back to the prototype - Laurent Mottron
  • Autistic adults have a better quality of life in Québec than in France - Vicky Caron and IsabelleCourcy
  • Twice-exceptional: high intellectual potential and autism - Catherine Cimon-Paquet and Isabelle Soulières
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No 11 : Printemps / Spring 2021

•An early interventions for autism effective? - Valérie Courchesne and Laurent Mottron
•Adolescence, autism and calendar calculation: a case study - Véronique Langlois
•The many faces of autism research. The profile of a future autistic researcher - Noémie Cusson interviewed by Janie Degré-Pelletier
•Development of a questionnaire on strengths and interests in autism - Agnès Ethier and Katarina Sotelo
•Science FAQ: animal models - Alexa Meilleur

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No 10 : Automne / Fall 2020

  • Pandemic, lockdown, and autism: from distress to solutions - Claudine Jacques, Isabelle Soulières, Geneviève Saulnier, Ghitza Thermidor and Katia Elkouby
  • Autism explained in 10 numbers - Laurent Mottron and Valérie Courchesne
  • 10 characteristics of the autistic brain - Élise B. Barbeau
  • Risk factors: understanding the development of the autistic brain to "baby steps" - Scott Huberty
  • Autism symptomatology and intellectual functioning: what happens from childhood to adulthood? - Vicky Caron, Janie Degré-Pelletier and Anne-Marie Nader
  • Making use of autistic children's special interests and cognitive strengths - Audrey St-Laurent
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No 9 : Printemps / Spring 2020

  • The genetics of autism - Élise Douard and Guillaume Huguet
  • Transitioning to adulthood - Audrey Murray and Alexa Meilleur
  • Heterogeneity dissected - Laurent Mottron
  • Anxiety on the spectrum in adulthood - Kirsty Ainsworth and Chloé Paquette-Houde
  • The many faces of autism research - Anne-Marie Nader
  • Five frequent myths about autism - Noémie Cusson and Dominique Girard
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No 8 : Automne / Fall 2019

  • Autistic people in research:decreasing differences? - Audrey Murray and Laurent Mottron
  • The potential effects of melatonin - Katia Gagnon and Rackeb Tesfaye
  • Quality of life in young autistic children: where do we stand? - Jérôme Lichlté
  • Executive functions in autism: updates and future directions - Vicky Caron and Anne-Marie Nader
  • A distinctive language - David Gagnon
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No 7 : Printemps / Spring 2019

  • Are repetitive behaviours and object exploration in young autistic children compatible ? - Janie Degré-Pelletier and Claudine Jacques
  • Assessing intelligence in autistic - Audrey Murray
  • Autism in child psychiatry - Pascale Grégoire and Laurent Mottron
  • A new look at empathy in autism - Noémie Cusson
  • FAQ: research ethics - Camille Letendre
  • Neurodiversity: A concept applicable to research - Peter Crosbie, Julie Cumin and Jérôme Lichtlé
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No 6 : Hiver / Winter 2018

  • Quality of life in autistic adults: searching for what really matters - Jérôme Lichtlé
  • Psychiatric intervention 101 - Baudouin Forgeot D'Arc and Pascale Grégoire
  • Brain imagery, to better understand wide variability across the autism spectrum - Pauline Duret
  • Myth or reality: My child's food selectivity is due to his sensory specificities - Carolane Tremblay and Ghitza Thermidor
  • Myth Busting Scientific Research, A step by step overview of the research process - Camille Letendre 
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No 5 : Printemps / Spring 2018

  • Parent-professional collaborations: intersections of expertise - Isabelle Courcy
  • «Frank» autism - Laurent Mottron
  • Comic strip: In the world of children who read before they speak - Alexia Ostrolenk
  • Autism diagnosis 101: process and psychiatric assessment - Baudouin Forgeot d'Arc and Pascale Grégoire
  • Autism diagnosis 101: a guide to communicating with autistic people and their families - Baudouin Forgeot d'Arc, Ghitza Thermidor, Véronique Langlois and Line Laporte
  • Best Practice Recommendations in Autism - Jérôme Lichtlé
  • Toolbox for parents: Integration into childcare services - Ghitza Thermidor and Martine Dansereau
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No 4 : Automne / Fall 2017

  • Quand les enfants autistes lisent avant de parler - Alexia Ostrolenk
  • Laisse-moi te parler de ce qui m’intéresse: description des intérêts intenses dans l’autisme - Fabienne Samson et Laurent Mottron
  • L’attention en autisme: un survol des travaux du groupe d’Anna Remington - Dominique Girard et Éliane Danis
  • Avoir un autre enfant? Quelles sont les probabilités qu’il soit autiste? - Chantal Caron et Ghitza Thermidor
  • Boite à outils pour les parents: Inscription scolaire de votre enfant - Martine Dansereau et Ghitza Thermidor
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No 3 : Printemps / Spring 2017

  • Une meilleure compréhension des habiletés exceptionnelles en autisme - Andrée-Anne S.Meilleur et Patricia Jelenic
  • L'autisme au féminin - Laurent Mottron
  • Une première série de recommandations pour les parents de jeunes enfants autistes - Chantal Caron et Ghitza Thermidor
  • S'adapter à l'intelligence autistique pour favoriser les apprentissages - Valérie Bouchard et Dominique Girard
  • Obtenir et comprendre le diagnostic de votre enfant - Martine Dansereau et Ghitza Thermidor

No 2 : Automne / Fall 2016

  • Il faut être deux pour ne pas se comprendre ! - Laurent Mottron
  • La communication entre les deux hémisphères du cerveau autiste : connectivité diminuée ou réorganisée ? - Élise B. Barbeau
  • Pourquoi y a-t-il plus d'hommes que de femmes autistes ?  La piste de la plasticité cérébrale - Pauline Duret
  • L'intelligence des enfants autistes non verbaux est-elle sous-estimée ? Éliane Danis
  • Mythe ou Réalité ? Pourquoi il est clair que les vaccins ne causent pas l'autisme ? - Chantal Caron et Ghitza Thermidor
  • Interactions sociales et sens de l'agentivité - Alexis Lafleur
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No 1 : Printemps / Spring 2016

  • Perceiving the forest and the trees - Catherine Cimon-Paquet
  • A "Perceptual" brain - Fabienne Samson
  • The EPF model - Alexis Beauchamp-Chatel
  • The Raven's Genius - Véronique Therien
  • Myth Buster: Food Diets - Ghitza Thermidor and Chantal Caron
  • AVEBIO in Autism - Janie Degré-Pelletier
  • Intelligence in Autism "p" or "g" factor - Dominique Girard
  • Visuospatial Peaks in autism - Éliane Danis